Since we finished our exams at 28/5/2008, we started our preparations to Imagine Cup world finals. We traveled to alexandria during the last week to work on the project. We were confused in some parts of the project, such as the final step in our project which is the pattern recognition; we tried Back-Propagation Neural Networks and Support Vector machine. Support vector machine was very impressive that it's accuracy was 93% and in some times reached 100%, while Neural Networks were only 73.4%, so we chose Support vector machine of course. Now we are trying to integrate and package our final work in all the project.

During our idea research we found no real systems implementing the idea, all are talking about best algorithms and test sites; no real work. So, we found that our project provides many features that are not included in only one system, and those are:
1. Providing scanning ability in 2-D and 3-D GPR images.
2. No system until now tried to use Support Vector Machine while it provides a perfect accuracy. 3. We take the best algorithm from all researches we found and integrated them together, to form a very powerful system.

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