- We won the first place in Imagine Cup competition, and we are going to France isA. Does anyone can believe that. Really we are very happy and so excited.

Here is the links that contains the details:







- We now are trying to focus in order to achieve our main target, which is passing the last term in our academic life (isA) successfully, then get prepared to represent our beloved country ever, EGYPT, in the finals. we are supposed to compete with other 59 team from 59 country all over the world.

- Our ambition is not limited only to imagine cup, but also we are seeking to win Made In Egypt competition.

- The 10th meeting

1. Marwa Moharram
2. Ahmad Galal
3. Ramy Essam
4. Mahmoud Hassan
5. Samer Refaat
6. Abd Allah Hazaa

Group Action Items:-
1. Requirement Specification document revision.

- The 9th meeting

1. Ahmad Helmy
2. Marwa Moharram
3. Ahmad Galal
4. Ramy Essam
5. Mahmoud Hassan
6. Samer Refaat
7. Abd Allah Hazaa

Group Action Items:-
1. Imagine Cup orientation.

2. Requirement Specificaion document rebuilding and issues.

- The 8th Meeting

1. Ahmad Helmy
2. Marwa Moharram
3. Ahmad Galal
4. Ramy Essam
5. Mahmoud Hassan
6.Samer Refaat

Group Action Items:-
1. Blog issues
a.Add Box.net widget to hold our work on th blog.

3. Effort estimation issues
a. Reformatting and rebuilding Effort Estimation document.

- Again we meet at the seventh meeting.

1. Ahmad Helmy
2. Marwa Moharram
3. Ahmad Galal
4. Ramy Essam
5. Mahmoud Hassan

Group Action Items:-
1. Blog issues
a. Remove our telephones from blog.
b. Remove documentation from blog and upload them into any server and put links to it.

2. Bug Tracking system issues
a. Add all members into it.
b. Write requirements as modules into “Feature request”.
c. Put blog issues as bugs in the bug tracking system.
d. Put MATLAB code into “CVS”.

3. Effort estimation issues
a. Fix hours’ calculations & equations.
b. Prototype is a use cases with screen shots.

4. Requirement specification issues: a. Security can be (Save program logs – User authentication).

5. Project Plan issues
a. Remove unneeded processes.
b. Specify project life cycle (may use Water Fall model).
c. Specify Deliverables (Project – Requirement – User manual).
d. Specify needed skills and available needed skills to know the needed skills.

6. Try to make a draft of the schedule/ time plan

- Sixth meeting was not too much longer, our supervisors collected the needed documents that was mentioned last meeting and were intending to send to us. we was advised to create a bug tracking system to handle our project modifications and specifying roles more clear. Another advise was about using what is called visual source safe (VSS); this tool is supposed to act as a server to keep our code safe and to avoid code merging meetings, and that is accomplished by allowing each team member to see the last modified code and give him the ability to update in it then put it again in the server, so that always keep the last updated code at the server.

- Fifth meeting was cool; that we had revised Effort Estimation, Requirement Specification Document (Update), and Project Plan Document. Our supervisor saw that we need another bunch of documents to make :(, she said that she will look for them; those other documents were Test Plan, Conceptual Design, Logical Design, and Physical Design.

- Here we back again with the fourth meeting, this meeting was all about revising Requirements Specification Document from the sponsor side. Our supervisor explained what we couldn't figure out with ourselves, that's to be Distribution List, Stakeholders, Mandating Verbs, Business Backgroud, Auditing, Compliance Requirements, Assumptions & Constraints, and Appendix. That is only what we couldn't figure out :)

- 3rd meeting: Our supervisors tend to explain some documents in this meeting such as requirement document, time plan, project plan, and effort estimate. At the end of the meeting we were assigned to accomplish some of the previous documents in order to deliver next Thursday (7/2/2008). Our assignment is to fill two documents: Requirement document and Effort Estimate document.

- 2nd meeting: This time our supervisors, Eng/Ahmed Helmy and Eng/Marwa Moharram, gave us a brief description about there working process and they told us that they will give us the company's templates to work on. They also told us that our work must be well documented in order to accomplish any project successfully.

- 1st meeting: It was a mix of introducing ourselves to them and introducing themselves to us, presenting and explaining our project from all it's sides, and orientation from them about what we will do during our sponsorship relation with them. They who suggested the idea of making a blog to our project in order to publish our work, if any one saw our blog and can help us in accomplishing our project, and to serve who will think about doing the same project in the future so as not to start from the beginning; but start from where we ended.

Mine Hunter team contacts

Team Members:

• Abd-Allah Hazaa Abd-Allah
Email: abdallh_gamal@yahoo.com

• Ahmad Galal Abd-El-Naiem
Email: medo6447@yahoo.com

• Ebtesam Fouad Sayed
Email: bosycat_love86@yahoo.com

• Mahmoud Hassan Abd-El-Aziz
Email: modi9hassan@yahoo.com

• Ramy Essam Hassan
Email: ramyessam19872005@yahoo.com
Cellular: +20-10-647-1695

• Samer Refaat Mahmoud
Email: samerrefaat@yahoo.com

Under the Supervision of:

• DR. Aliaa Youssif
Email: aliaay@helwan.edu.eg

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