- We won the first place in Imagine Cup competition, and we are going to France isA. Does anyone can believe that. Really we are very happy and so excited.

Here is the links that contains the details:







- We now are trying to focus in order to achieve our main target, which is passing the last term in our academic life (isA) successfully, then get prepared to represent our beloved country ever, EGYPT, in the finals. we are supposed to compete with other 59 team from 59 country all over the world.

- Our ambition is not limited only to imagine cup, but also we are seeking to win Made In Egypt competition.

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  1. ahmed shawky said...
    Congratulation to all members in the team
    I wish you will be in more success
    and more expert.
    realy I'm very glad to you .
    I'm proud of you and I need More
    Not me only But all in Helwan university

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