Minutes of Meeting (ITWorx - 13/3/2008)

- Again we meet at the seventh meeting.

1. Ahmad Helmy
2. Marwa Moharram
3. Ahmad Galal
4. Ramy Essam
5. Mahmoud Hassan

Group Action Items:-
1. Blog issues
a. Remove our telephones from blog.
b. Remove documentation from blog and upload them into any server and put links to it.

2. Bug Tracking system issues
a. Add all members into it.
b. Write requirements as modules into “Feature request”.
c. Put blog issues as bugs in the bug tracking system.
d. Put MATLAB code into “CVS”.

3. Effort estimation issues
a. Fix hours’ calculations & equations.
b. Prototype is a use cases with screen shots.

4. Requirement specification issues: a. Security can be (Save program logs – User authentication).

5. Project Plan issues
a. Remove unneeded processes.
b. Specify project life cycle (may use Water Fall model).
c. Specify Deliverables (Project – Requirement – User manual).
d. Specify needed skills and available needed skills to know the needed skills.

6. Try to make a draft of the schedule/ time plan


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