- We made a great effort to get our currently sponsor, ITWorx, First trial was arranging a meeting with OMS, software development company, but we was at the beginning of the year, so we didn't have the ability to accomplish the whole research about our project idea, so that we couldn't make a powerful presentation and this situation had a big effect on the company's decision to sponsor us.

- Another trial to get a sponsor was with Link Dev, software development company also, we had a meeting with them but unfortunately they had a saturation with sponsoring teams, as they mentioned .

- After that we send E-Mails to a lot of companies; finally we got a response from ITWorx and for who doesn't know, it is a big reputable company in the field of software development, THANK GOD . OH I was about to forget, when we send our proposal to ITWorx it was ranked the fourth one among other eleven proposals.

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  1. Sameh Ragheb said...
    Assalamo Alaykom

    I am Engineer Sameh Ragheb, a senior embedded software engineer. I watched you on TV in 10PM program.
    I think I have good news. In 2004 I participated in IEEE CSIDC with a project having the same idea as yours. Today I had a call from a relative who know that. he offered to fund my project. I told him that I know a better team whose product may be more sophisticated. I searched the internet and found your blog. I want to contact you; however I have no emails or phone numbers. My email is samehragheb@gmail.com and my number is 0124006445. Please call me, this is really serious.
    really I am proud of what you did, thank you.

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